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Trees Tolerant of Air Pollution

A photo of Apple


Malus spp.

A photo of Ash


Fraxinus spp.

A photo of Beech


Fagus spp.

A photo of Bird Cherry

Bird Cherry

Prunus padus

A photo of Bull Bay

Bull Bay

Magnolia grandiflora

A photo of Californian nutmeg-yew

Californian nutmeg-yew

Torreya californica

A photo of Cherry Plum

Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

A photo of Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet

Ligustrum lucidum

A photo of Common Alder

Common Alder

Alnus glutinosa

A photo of Common Lime

Common Lime

Tilia × europaea

A photo of Common Silver Birch

Common Silver Birch

Betula pendula

A photo of Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

A photo of English Yew

English Yew

Taxus baccata

A photo of False Acacia

False Acacia

Robinia pseudoacacia

Flowering Cherries

Flowering Cherries

A photo of Ginkgo


Ginkgo biloba

A photo of Grey Alder

Grey Alder

Alnus incana

A photo of Gum


Eucalyptus spp.

A photo of Handkerchief Tree

Handkerchief Tree

Davidia involucrata

A photo of Hawthorn


Crataegus spp.

A photo of Hick's yew

Hick's yew

Taxus × media

A photo of Holly


Ilex aquifolium

A photo of Holly 'Golden King'

Holly 'Golden King'

Ilex x altaclerensis 'Golden King'

A photo of Holm Oak

Holm Oak

Quercus ilex

A photo of Hornbeam


Carpinus betulus

A photo of Horse Chestnut

Horse Chestnut

Aesculus spp.

A photo of Indian Bean Tree

Indian Bean Tree

Catalpa bignonioides

A photo of Italian Alder

Italian Alder

Alnus cordata

A photo of Laburnum


Laburnum spp.

A photo of Large-Leaved Lime

Large-Leaved Lime

Tilia platyphyllos

A photo of Magnolia × loebneri

Magnolia × loebneri

Magnolia × loebneri


Mespilus germanica

A photo of Norway Maple

Norway Maple

Acer platanoides

A photo of Paper Birch

Paper Birch

Betula papyrifera

A photo of Pear


Pyrus spp.

A photo of Poplar Tree

Poplar Tree

Populus spp.

A photo of Rowan


Sorbus aucuparia

A photo of Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia

Magnolia × soulangeana

A photo of Serviceberries


Amelanchier spp.

A photo of Sumac


Rhus spp.

A photo of Sycamore


Acer pseudoplatanus

A photo of Tree Of Heaven

Tree Of Heaven

Ailanthus altissima

A photo of Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipifera

A photo of Whitebeam 'Lutescens'

Whitebeam 'Lutescens'

Sorbus aria 'Lutescens'

A photo of Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

Prunus avium

A photo of Willow


Salix spp.

A photo of Wingnut


Pterocarya spp.


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