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How to Make an Autumn Wreath

Published on November 14th 2018

by pippa.churcher. All rights reserved

Autumn wreaths are a lovely way to bring colour into your home as the days get darker. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas!

What you need to make an autumn wreath

  • Secateurs
  • A willow wreath or some willow to make your own
  • Some floristry wire
  • Tinfoil and kitchen towel

Step One

Go for a brisk autumn walk on a sunny afternoon, when the countryside is glowing with colour. Preferably with a pair of secateurs, a trug and a dog. Find sprigs of colourful foliage on the hedgerows, whatever takes your fancy (a pair of gloves can be handy).
Just be careful to avoid anything poisonous!

Step Two

Once back at home, have a look in your garden to see if there are any autumnal flowers left that you can sacrifice – your autumn wreath will be worth it. Then make yourself a cup of tea. Dip a paper towel in some water and wrap it around the fresh flowers. This will keep them looking spritely for as long as possible.

Step Three

Wrap the flowers in a little tin foil to keep the moisture in. Put together a few sprigs of foliage and tie them together with a piece of wire. Continue this for all of your foliage so that you are left with many lovely bouquets (robins are optional).

Step Four

Arrange your first beautiful bouquet and attach it with a piece of wire, wrapping it around at the base. Layer the rest of the bouquets, one at a time, overlapping the last and attaching as you go, ensuring that any floral bunches have the foil covered. Feel free to add more wire to secure larger sprigs.
Your autumn wreath is really starting to take shape now!

Step Five

Give your wreath a light trim if it's looking too wild, and then add in any little extras such as dried flowers or feathers by pushing them into your wreath. These are the finishing touches that will make all the difference.

Step Six

Finally, choose which way round you want your wreat. Tie a piece of wire into a loop and secure it to your wreath, then hang the finished product on a door or wall and step back to admire your handy work!
A beautiful autumn wreath on a door

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Here are some suggestions for things to include in your autumn wreath:


Dog Rose

Rosa canina


Crataegus monogyna

Rowan 'Aspleniifolia'

Sorbus aucuparia 'Asplenifolia'

Some white Viburnum opulus flowers

Guelder Rose

Viburnum opulus


Ilex aquifolium

A Prunus spinosa plant with green leaves and black purple berry fruits


Prunus spinosa

From the Garden



  • Acorns
  • Pine cones
  • Feathers
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Dried orange
  • Small pumpkins

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