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Candide's Top 10 Gardening Blogs for 2019

Published on March 20th 2019

by Sam_Coppard. All rights reserved

The Frustrated Gardener's G&T garden
A close up of a flower

Plant Care

It shouldn't come as a surprise to hear that everyone here at Candide is obsessed with gardening. Which means our spare time is split pretty evenly between playing around in our own gardens and reading about other people's.
With this in mind, we thought we would share with you our top ten gardening blogs for 2019 so you can enjoy them as well!
Alexandra Campbell and her Middle-Sized Garden

The Middle-Sized Garden

Do you think your garden's too small every time you want to add something new, but it always feels too big whenever you've got some weeding to do? Then you may have a middle-sized garden, and Alexandra Campbell is the gardener for you!
Whether you're struggling for time or need help with your cannas, struggling with mobility or need help with your courgettes, The Middle-Sized Garden is packed full of expert advice. It's the place to go if you want to feel like you're talking to a gardener who seems to know everything about everything.
The Frustrated Gardener's lush subtropical garden in Kent

The Frustrated Gardener

Dan Cooper takes a "more is more" approach to his jungle garden on the Kentish coast. With its warm, sheltered microclimate, the Frustrated Gardener has created an exotic haven brimming full of spectacular subtropical flowers.
So many of us dream of having our very own tropical paradise, but Dan has made this dream a reality, complete with an outdoor kitchen. And he's now given us all the info about how to do the same for ourselves. His hard work was also rewarded last year with a well-deserved visit from Gardeners' World.
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One of the Growing Family children with muddy hands

Growing Family

Catherine Hughes' brilliant blog covers gardening with a family and a whole lot more. Rather than just writing about the normal stuff you'd expect from a gardening blog, Growing Family features days out, arts and crafts with kids and getting out and about as a family.
As a busy mother of two, Catherine isn't exactly overburdened with free time, and she's started an excellent series of posts called "The Ten Minute Gardener" for all the other time-poor folks out there.
Mark Ridsdill Smith from Vertical Veg picking vegetables from his London balcony

Vertical Veg

Mark Ridsdill Smith is the container gardening genius behind Vertical Veg. He's grown £900 worth of veg in a single year on just his small balcony and windowsills in central London, transforming depressing concrete "gardens" into thriving green areas teeming with life and edible plants. And he is showing us all how it's done.
Vertical Veg is essential reading for anyone feeling limited by their lack of space or uninspired by their surroundings. Mark always finds a way to make gardening accessible and fun, no matter how unpromising the area might look to begin with.
Dogwooddays famous veg patch


A regular writer for Candide, Nic Wilson's Dogwooddays blog is one of our favourites. She loves growing her own food and cooking gluten-free meals sourced from the garden. The weirder the crop, the happier she is!
So if you fancy growing tree chillies, oca, rainbow carrots, trombocinos, fat baby achocha or cucamelons, Dogwooddays is essential reading.
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Bird's eye view of part of the Rusty Duck garden, bordered by beautiful woodland

Rusty Duck

Moving into a crumbling cottage in the country, complete with overgrown garden, ravenous wildlife, and a steep slope seems like a pipe dream to most. Well, Rusty Duck has done just this, and her blog explains the journey she's been on.
Jessica takes us from a wild tangled mess of a garden to the slightly less wild but still completely dreamy oasis it has become today, constantly battling the elements and animals along the way. Her humour and charm make this one of our favourites.
Growing blackcurrant tea

Two Thirsty Gardeners

Ever feel like you need something a bit stronger than a glass of water after a solid afternoon of gardening? Then Two Thirsty Gardeners may be your kind of blog.
Whether it's making cider from orchard apples, brewing beer from hops or growing the right herbs to make the perfect G&T, Nick and Rich know how to have a good time, and they can show you how to grow the crops you need to quench your thirst.
Alan Down's spring flowering tulips

Down to Earth

Alan Down writes our hugely popular weekly and monthly gardening features, and came up with the perfect pun for a blog name! With more than five decades of horticultural experience, Alan and Felicity are big names in the gardening world. They even had their own TV show and still feature regularly in the press.
They transformed the rundown Cleeve Nursery to the renowned garden centre it is today, and now we're lucky enough to have them sharing their vast knowledge through the Down to Earth blog.
You can also ask him gardening questions in the Candide app...
A small part of The Blackberry Garden and House

The Blackberry Garden

Alison Levey packs a huge variety of plants into the garden of her semi-detached house in the East Midlands. After all, she did mainly buy the house because the garden had so much potential.
The Blackberry Garden's Irritating Plant of the Month award is one of our favourite features. What gardener can't relate to having their hopes and dreams dashed by frosts or has that one plant that eternally hovers on the brink of death despite hours of love and attention?
The Patient Gardener's flower garden in early autumn

The Patient Gardener

The passion is evident when you're reading The Patient Gardener. It's this passion that has taken Helen Johnstone from planting her first seeds to working at the Chelsea Flower Show, being featured on the radio and visiting San Francisco.
Her "Six for Saturday" series (six photos every Saturday) is fantastic for getting a great insight into ups and downs of life as a gardener, and it's always good to have some horticultural eye candy.

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