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Fried Dandelions: Eat your Enemies

Published on July 2nd 2018

by pippa.churcher. All rights reserved

Dandelions can get everywhere, get your revenge on the weeds with this delicious recipe.

Fried Dandelions Heads

Ready in 30 mins. Preparation 20 mins. Cooking 10 mins
You need to pick the largest dandelion flowers without the stalk. They taste a little like mushrooms.
Always wash them thoroughly (for savoury dishes you can add salt to room temperature water for sweet dishes just water).


145g Plain flour
2 tablespoons of salt
1 tablespoon black pepper
4 eggs
80 unopened dandelion heads without stalks
80g Butter


Combined the flour, salt and pepper in a bowl set this aside while you beat the four eggs in a mixing bowl add the dandelion flowers and make sure they are completely coated.
Melt the butter in a frying pan on a medium heat add half the dandelion flowers after removing them from the egg mix and allowing to drain. Add the flowers into the flour mix and coat the egg covered flowers fully.
Cook the dandelion flowers in the melted butter until golden brown turning regularly for about 5 minutes then set aside on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.
Cook's tips
Prepare your dandelion flower heads by submerging them in a bowl of room temperature salted (1 teaspoon) water for 10 minutes to remove any insects that might be in the flowers. Drain and dry a good way to do this is to use a salad spinner.
Always collect your dandelion flowers from safe areas. Not the roadside or where pesticides may have been used.
Measure the required amount as a whole flower, not just petal using a measuring cup rather than weighing them.

Have you cooked with dandelions before? There are more recipes coming up!

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