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Candide Cuttings: Garden for Veterans, Active Adders and Ash Action Plan

Published on March 7th 2019
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Garden for Veterans

Perennial's show garden at the RHS Flower Show Cardiff will be relocated to Veterans Growth after the event. The charity uses horticulture to assist veterans.
The garden marks Perennial’s, the charity that supports people in horticulture, 180th anniversary. Designed by Peter Donegan, it highlights the need to recognise and address poor mental health in the horticulture industry.
Peter Donegan said: ‘Perennial helps people in horticulture manage and overcome the challenges of poor physical and mental health in an industry that demands strength and resilience. We are sure this garden will help us continue the conversation about mental health in the horticulture sector and spread the word that Perennial is here to help.’
Following the event, the garden will be relocated to Veteran’s Growth in East Sussex, a charity that runs horticultural therapy courses for ex-service men and women who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
Set up in 2018, they aim to address the shortfall in mental health services for those who have served in the armed services.
Director of Marketing & Fundraising at Perennial, Anita Bates, said: ‘Through the link with Veteran’s Growth, the Perennial Garden will come full circle. We know the positive impact gardening can have on mental health and are thrilled that this garden is going to live on after the show to help even more people who need it.’

Active Adders

Adder activity has been confirmed in the UK in every month of the year, for the first time.
Adders are the only venomous species native to the UK and usually hibernate from October until March. As cold-blooded animals, the recent unprecedented temperature has prompted them to wake up a month earlier than expected.
Speaking to The Guardian, adder expert Nigel Hand, a trustee of Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK, said: ‘I’ve seen adders in every month of the year except December, but have had reliable reports of them being active then in Wales.’
The unusual weather has sparked concerns for other wildlife, and a return to cold weather could prove fatal for the snakes.
The news follows a recent study on UK adder populations that warned that adder species could be restricted to only a few sites in the next 15-20 years, primarily due to public disturbance and habitat fragmentation.

Ash Action Plan

The Tree Council has published a toolkit to assist local authorities to prepare an Ash Dieback Action Plan (ADAP).
The biggest threat facing the UK’s third most common tree, Chalara ash dieback was first confirmed in the UK in 2012. Caused by a fungus, It is believed to have entered on ash trees imported from continental Europe.
One of the UK’s leading charities for trees, The Tree Council state that there are up to two billion ash trees in the UK that could die as a result of infection.
Dieback could have significant environmental impacts, as well as increased safety risks associated with falling trees.
In response to the growing threat, the toolkit brings together research into early coping strategies from local authorities. It aims to help others tackle dieback through raising awareness and by assisting in the creation and implementation of ADAPs. It also recommends information on the best methods of adaptation and recovery.
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