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How to Create a Vibrant Autumn Garden in a Few Easy Steps

Published on August 16th 2021

Window on the brick wall with fall color leaves. Traditional English residential house with orange plants around. Toned Autumn seasonal background.

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A close up of a flower garden in autumn
Although it can be hard to say goodbye to summer, there is still plenty to look forward to in autumn when gardening.
The warming colours of fading leaves and the tree branches adorned with fruits, berries, and nuts, are just a few of the things that make the fall season a time to treasure.
With the last of August officially done and dusted, you may wonder how to keep the garden colourful and exciting. While there may be fewer blooms to choose from, there are still so many ways you can brighten up outside spaces.
Keep reading for a trove of autumn garden inspiration.
A close up of a tree

Plants to Buy for Autumn Colour

The best foliage for heart-warming colour

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of autumn colour is the breathtaking foliage seen on trees and shrubs.
For a vibrant splash of colour, plant a Ginkgo tree and display its yellow hues in the Autumn months. The Ginko tree’s fan-shaped foliage and primitive characteristics make it an excellent focal garden feature.
To bring some deep purple foliage into your autumnal garden, choose a Purple-leaved Smoke Bush for an eye-catching addition to any autumnal mixed border.
If you'd like to brighten a garden wall or fence, a Virginia Creeper plant provides a blaze of reds, yellows and oranges. Or, for year-round drama, choose Japanese Acer\=. Its stunning foliage and impressive, bright-coloured branches make it a predominant plant included throughout Japanese garden design.
Browse all Japanese Maples here:

Go green with evergreen plants

Keep your garden lush and green all year long by using evergreen plants. With a vast choice of foliage to choose from, you can experiment with leaf shape and shades of green combined with other autumn plants.
For reliable, long-lasting colour in a shady garden, choose Box or Hebes.
Sunny borders are the perfect place for Camellia and Lavender plants, which both display stunning foliage throughout the year.
Where to buy evergreens:

Hold on to the summer with early autumn blooms

Depending on the weather and your location, some outdoor plants can provide for a late summer glow in early autumn.
Late flowering varieties for autumn colour:

Inject more colour into your garden backdrop using fruits and berries

Despite the lack of blossoms, tree branches are an underrated source of colour in an autumn garden. As one of the most productive seasons, you’ll find the trees, bushes, and shrubs laced in fruits, nuts, and berries.
Figs, Plums, Damsons, Apples and Pears add colour and provide tasty home grown produce. You'll also see bright berries on plants such as Rowan, Berberis and Cotoneaster, they may be inedible to us, but provide an essential food source for foraging garden birds.
Plants for colourful fruits and berries:

Add structure and interest using trees, shrubs and dried plant material

Swap bright colours for texture and structure. Autumn provides an opportunity to use seed heads, branches and ornamental grasses to build and enhance our garden.
Not only do these features create an exciting display, but they also provide habitat space and shelter for garden wildlife during the more challenging, colder months.
Plants for texture in autumn:

Transform your garden with a blaze of colour this month with beautiful, autumnal plants

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