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Plants By Room: Where to Best Place Your Houseplants

Published on May 23rd 2020
A close up of a flower
Plants are just like people: their living space is essential for a happy and healthy life. Planning your plant's new home is necessary to their survival, and deciding which room they'll live in can make all the difference to keep them thriving for many years to come!

Best plants for the bathroom

The bathroom has an atmosphere like nowhere else in your home - the high humidity from your shower is precisely what some tropical plants crave, and the low light conditions found in many bathrooms help emulate a rainforest.
It's not just tropical plants that will love your bathroom though, so here are some of our favourite bathroom plants:

English Ivy

Common Ivy

Hedera helix

This plant is a master of disguise and can help to hide any unsightly water pipes in your bathroom. As a plant that feels most at home in woodland, English Ivy is used to low-light conditions and enjoys a dark and damp environment.
As a bonus, Ivy can help to reduce airborne mould.
Find English Ivy perfect for your bathroom on Candide Marketplace

ZZ plant

While its name makes it sound more suited to your bedroom, the ZZ plant is, in fact, a great one for your bathroom too! Native to Central Africa, the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is used to surviving on very little water. In fact, it can get most of its water directly from the air if you place it in your bathroom.
ZZ plants can also filter out formaldehyde, the strong-smelling chemical often found in cleaning products and toilet paper.
If that's helped convince you, you can buy your new ZZ plants online from the Marketplace.
A ZZ plant

Best plants for the bedroom

Getting the plants in your bedroom right is a must for many reasons. It's where we recharge our batteries and spend the most time, even if we don't remember most of it. We spend, on average, a mind-blowing 26 years of our lives sleeping, so here are the best plants to make sure your downtime is as restful as can be.

Monstera Deliciosa

The "it" plant for any room, Monstera Deliciosa is an excellent choice to make a statement in your bedroom, thanks to its distinct, broad leaves. It's pretty forgiving too, so if you forget to open your curtains occasionally, it will survive!
These variegated Monsteras are particularly striking, thanks to their streaky leaves, and you can find several listings to buy and swap on Candide Marketplace.


The floral scent from lavender is not only a treat for the nose, but for the mind and body too! It's scientifically proven to relax your muscles, slow your heart rate, and increase slow-wave sleep, which leads to better sleep overall. Studies have found that people wake up feeling more energised too, so lavender seems like a very fitting plant for the bedside table.

Peace Lily

As their name suggests, Peace Lilies are very well-suited to being in our bedrooms. Yes, they have pretty flowers, but they also have something more useful to add - the ability to relieve any allergy symptoms by reducing the microbe count in the air. If you ever wake up with a dry, itchy throat or sniffling nose, try placing a Peace Lily nearby and see if it helps.
You can find plenty on the marketplace, including these lovely wrapped ones from Suzannesaidso, which would make a great gift for any plant lover!

Best plants for the kitchen

The room in the house which often lacks surface space, so perhaps best left without plants? Of course not. Where there's a windowsill, there's a way! Here are some suggestions to make sure your kitchen isn't left out.

Venus flytrap

An interesting plant in many ways, with their sharp teeth-like traps that snap shut on pesky insects and flies, and brightly coloured "mouths" to entice them in.
Venus Fly Traps are a carnivorous plant, so yes they really do eat the flies they catch!


It almost goes without saying that fresh herbs are a must-have for any kitchen. If you have a sunny windowsill, small pots of rosemary and basil will thrive without taking up too much kitchen space. But if your kitchen is on the dark side, stick with less sensitive herbs such as chives, mint and parsley.
There's a bunch of herb plants and seeds available to buy, so you can watch as they grow.
Indoor Herb Garden, Potted Container Plant by Window Sill

Hanging plants

If you don't have worktop space to give up, a hanging plant like a Golden Pothos or String of Hearts could be the perfect answer.
Find the perfect String of Hearts to add your collection here, and Golden Pothos here!
If you have plants already but nothing to hang them in, there's a range of hangers available on Candide Marketplace, and you can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your space!
Macrame plant hangers

Don't worry - there's more!

Hopefully, these recommendations will help you reconfigure your plant collection at home to keep them all looking their best!
In case any of the listings above are no longer available, or you'd like to find more, why not browse all Houseplants on Candide Marketplace!

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