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The plants you simply can't kill

Published on October 22nd 2018

by pippa.churcher. All rights reserved

Green fingers come to some of us easier than others, so if you have found orchids and azaleas a little difficult to keep alive, don’t worry: there are many houseplants that just need a small amount of love to keep going.
Why not try welcoming one or two of these into your home?

The cacti

Described by some as impossible to kill, cacti are fantastic houseplants to start with if you forget to water plants for weeks at a time. There are some varieties such as the prickly pear or the claret cup cactus which produce beautiful flowers - but you’ll have to be patient, as cacti only bloom when they are maturely grown, and for some of them it can take over thirty years.
Read more about cacti here:
A green cactus plant from the Cactaceae family


Cacti Plants

The succulent

Perfect for your Instagram feed, succulents are happy in pots both inside and outside during the summer, and there’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. You should let your succulents dry out for a few days before you water them again to keep them happy, perfect for low maintenance gardeners. Succulents are also a good choice for families, as cacti often prove too tempting for little fingers...
Read more about succulents here:

The spider plant

Popular for bathrooms in the 1970s, the spider plant is coming back into plant fashion because of its incredible ability to create baby spider plants - so if the first doesn’t make it, you’ll probably already have five or six growing in pots. Spider plants want bright but indirect sunlight, which leaves them pretty happy wherever you put them indoors.

Cut flowers

If you’re not ready to welcome houseplants into your home, embrace cut flowers! Stunningly beautiful and only requiring water top ups, you’ll find that alliums, lilies, and zinnias last for days, sometimes weeks, and brighten up your home to no end. Get creative with the mixture of shapes and colours that you use, and you may find yourself a new talent that you never even knew you had.
Wondering how to revive a houseplant that is struggling? Trying to decide which cacti is best for you? Search in Knowledge for our expert horticulturist’s insight, or post a photo and ask our community for their advice.

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