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Easter Crafts for Kids

Published on March 31st 2021
A close up of a flower
Easter is the perfect time to engage your kids in fun gardening activities and to teach them about plants, nature, and virtues like nurturing and patience.
Here are three easy crafts for kids to dig into this weekend!

Make an egg nest

This little bird's nest will make a wonderful centrepiece and can be made using almost anything from the garden. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to make them:
Step 1 | Head into the garden and forage for foliage that is pliable and can easily be weaved into a bird's nest.
Here are a few ideas or plants that will work well:

Liquorice Plant

Helichrysum petiolare


Stoebe plumosa

Wild Olive

Olea europaea ssp. africana


Cuscuta spp.


Restio spp.

South African thatching bush

Elegia spp.

Step 2 | Take a long piece of foliage and twist it into a circle by tucking one end into the other.
A hand holding a knife
Step 3 | Continue to tuck loose ends into the nest and add more foliage to it as you go.
A hand holding an object in his hand
Step 4 | Once the nest is complete, kids can forage in the garden for flowers, colourful leaves or even feathers to decorate their nests with. Fill it up with sweet treats to enjoy!
A hand holding a knife

Succulent egg-planters

Make mini-planters using egg-shell cups, succulent planting mix, and a few of your favourite mini succulents.
Step 1 | Carefully remove the top of the eggshell and poke a small drainage hole in the bottom.
Step 2 | Fill the cup with well-draining potting soil.
Step 3 | Plant mini succulents or take cuttings from larger plants and place into the egg container.
Step 4 | Water sparingly and place in a windowsill or sunny spot.
A bowl of food

Seed-starting cups

All you need are a few raw materials: eggs, a knife, potting soil and seeds of herbs or flowers.
Step 1 | Carefully remove the top of the eggshell and poke a small drainage hole in the bottom. Rinse the inside with water.
Step 2 | Fill the egg cup with potting soil mix.
Step 3 | Sprinkle a few of your favourite seeds on top and drizzle with water.
Step 4 | Leave the egg planters in a sunny windowsill and watch them sprout!
A bowl of food
This simple Easter craft will make for festive table decor and, when the party is over, let the kids plant the whole egg cup in the ground to give the soil an extra boost of calcium.
*Remember to crack the eggshell before planting.

Happy Easter!

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