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Indoor Spring Containers and Windowboxes

Published on March 4th 2018

by pippa.churcher. All rights reserved

Seasonal bulbs are great for adding colour and great smells to your home all year around. You can either start them inside and then plant them outside when the weather suits or you can keep them indoors.


Tulips can be grown indoors but they will need to be forced, this means they will need to be placed in a cool, dark place for around 12-16 weeks so you’ll need to buy them far in advance.
A red flower on a Tulipa plant growing in the wild


Tulipa spp.

Anemones are another good flower to grow indoors. Again they need forcing but don’t need to be chilled for as long. First, they need soaking in water for a couple of hours and then planted, this helps to speed up the growing process. Once planted in their pots they need to be chilled for 6 weeks.
Crocus is one of the more easier bulbs to grow indoors. They just need bright light (4-6 hours) and warm temperatures to do well and of course, watered regularly.
Spring bedding can be used at home too, such as Bellis and Primulas to brighten any windowsill.

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