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What to Do in the Garden This Week - July 24th

Published on July 24th 2020

by AlanGardenMaster. All rights reserved

Berries and fruits
Fruits are ripening, temperatures are climbing, and blanket weed and mildew might need treating this week.
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Herbaceous perennial flower border at Bristol Gardens

What to Do in the Garden This July


A close up of a flower

What to Do in the Vegetable Garden This July


Fruit growing

A handful of Tomcot apricot fruit
  • Blackcurrants should now be ripening. Try harvesting them straight from the bush, using a kitchen fork to separate the berries from the stems.
Harvesting blackcurrant fruit with a fork
  • Harvest gooseberries by thinning them. Those that are left will grow bigger, and dessert varieties become sweet tasting.

Greenhouses and conservatories

  • You may need to fix shade netting to the inside of the roof to keep temperatures down now. For greenhouses, you can paint white shade paint on the outside to reflect the heat.
Tomatoes in a shaded greenhouse
  • Temperatures can be kept in check by wetting the floor several times a day. As the water evaporates, it will cool the air. The higher humidity will also dissuade red spider mite.
  • Yellow sticky traps hung just above plant tops will attract and trap many pests. If you’re capturing a lot, then you should introduce natural predators. Make sure to remove the traps to avoiding catching the natural predators.
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Trees, shrubs and climbers

  • Check for briar suckers coming from the roots of roses and cut them as close to the roots as possible to avoid regrowth. Ripping them off will minimise the risk of more suckers developing in the future.
  • Check clematis for powdery mildew, as it will often appear at this time of year. Use a fungicide as soon as it does. Milk sprays provide another effective treatment; I’m trying one part milk diluted to two parts water, which is apparently more effective when the sun is out.
  • Make sure that Hydrangea bushes are getting enough water. They need lots at this time of the year.
A close up of a pink Hydrangea flower

Wildlife and ponds

  • If you’ve got blanket weed in your pond, spin a rake in it to wind it up and remove it.
  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry to tidy up every part of the garden. Wildlife will thrive in the odd corner that has a heap of logs, a few nettles or a pile of dead leaves.

Home grown veg

  • Plant winter cauliflower, purple sprouting, kale and leeks in the space created when you lift early potatoes.
  • Pick courgettes regularly. They quickly become marrows if you don’t!
  • If you can find seed potatoes to buy, you could plant a very late crop and perhaps even have new potatoes for Christmas Day!
A bowl of potatoes

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Herbaceous perennial flower border at Bristol Gardens

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