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What to Do in the Garden This Week - August 14th

Published on August 14th 2020

by AlanGardenMaster. All rights reserved

A close up of a Phacelia flower and bumblebee
This week I'm focusing on some propagation, pruning and maintaining soil health and fertility. As always, please check out my 'August tips' articles for a more comprehensive guide!
A close up of Dahlia flowers

What to Do In the Garden This August


A pile of orange tomatoes

What to Do in the Vegetable Garden This August


Keep your soil healthy

Mustard green manure crop in a garden
  • Sow green manures in any gaps to improve your soil. There’s a good range available from Kings Seeds.
  • Find out more about green manure here:
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Plant problems

A man standing next to a bowl of potatoes
  • Watch out for early blight on potatoes. There are only a few effective sprays, so it might be best to cut the tops off if your crop is infected. If you don’t, the spores can be washed from the leaves and infect the underground tubers.


  • Take cuttings of border pinks (Dianthus) this month. They root easily, even in a glass of water, and will benefit from being regularly rejuvenated with ’new’ plants.
  • Collect seeds and dry them. Some may benefit from sowing immediately. Hybrid varieties will not produce the same plants but might become something very unique!
  • Check out this article for more information on how to collect seeds.
A room filled with bagged seeds drying by a large window


  • Prune Wisteria now. Cut all long new growth –except that which is needed to extend coverage – back to leave just a short piece about the length of your secateurs. Refer to Jo's article for a full guide.
  • Summer prune intensively trained fruit trees. These include espalier, cordon, fan and step overtrained. Leave the leading shoot for winter pruning but cut all side shoots back to leave just two leaves of new season's growth.
  • Prune out summer fruiting raspberry canes that have finished cropping- those that had fruit on them.


A close up of a blue hydrangea flower
  • You can plant hydrangeas now, but they will need to be watered regularly. Plant in soils that stay moist or that you can generously mulch.
  • If you want your blue hydrangeas to stay blue, use Hydrangea colourant during the growing season. Alternatively, put a small piece of ferrous metal or a handful of rusty nails in the bottom of the planting hole.
  • For everything you need to know about hydrangeas, read my full article.

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A close up of Dahlia flowers

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