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Water-Wise Hints and Tips

Published on June 29th 2018

by Aldetha. All rights reserved

With this spell of hot weather, you may be considering how you are going to manage your gardens and look after all your plants. The weather forecasters have said that its one of the hottest on record.
It is easy to be water wise in your garden. When starting your garden this is the time to really consider the amount of water your plants will require having a plan right plant right place, add organic matter and applying organic mulches to reduce water loss. Most established plants can cope without regular watering. But if like @mike_oak you have recently gained new plants and need to plant them, you will need to water well while they are establishing.
But if you have a newly planted area, take extra care with your watering programme, it is better to water well rather than in short bursts.
Facts to know
  • Growing your own vegetables is great but you might be surprised to know that vegetable crops are 80 to 95% water.
  • Linked to this is the average garden can store 5 to 10 cm of water to a depth of 30cm and as a crop needs 5 cm of water per week, even during hot weather there should be enough ground moisture available.
What is greywater? It's the dirty water from your home that's been used in your daily life, whether that was in the bath or shower, the washing machine, dishwasher or sink. On average, greywater comprises around 50-80% of the waste water produced by a typical home. It takes a bit of practice to reuse your wastewater, but if you are on a water meter it can reduce your water bills dramatically.
  • You can reuse water from your washing up or bathwater- but remember that although most soaps will not harm plants you do need to be careful and only apply them out of direct sunlight. Morning or evening.
  • Don’t store greywater (more than 24 hours). If you store greywater the nutrients in it will start to break down, creating bad odours.
See Ellie Whites Discover article for more hints and tips.

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