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8 Easy Plants To Propagate

Published on June 14th 2020
A close up of a flower
In this video, I teach you how to propagate some well known and lesser-known houseplants. Propagation can be a really easy and rewarding experience.
Some plants can be propagated more than others, but either way, you will end up with at least one new houseplant.

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The houseplants I propagated are:

Aeonium arboreum ssp. arboreum

Aeonium arboreum ssp. arboreum

A close up of a Ceropegia woodii f. variegata plant

Variegated String of Hearts

Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii f. variegata

Hen and chicken fern

Asplenium bulbiferum

Silver Inch Plant

Tradescantia zebrina

Common Ivy

Hedera helix

A close up of a pot of green Curio rowleyanus String of Pearls

String of Pearls

Curio rowleyanus

A close up of a Ledebouria socialis plant with green yellow flowers and patterned leaves

Silver Squill

Ledebouria socialis

Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera deliciosa

Learn more about air-layering:

And propagating from nodes:

Some other houseplants you could try propagating

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