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Candide offers a wide range of services to help you attract visitors online, deliver a unique experience on-site, and connect you to a network of similar organisations to help you grow your business.



Candide Directory - Get listed on Candide to improve your online presence and join the largest online directory for historic homes, grounds and gardens.

Resell tickets - Let Candide resell tickets to your attraction. We handle the marketing, you focus on delivering a great experience.

Video Services - Work with our team of expert filmmakers to capture the unique charm and character of your property.

Audio Tours - Use audio tours to tell the story of your garden with your own words, in your own voice.

Industry networking events - Meet with similar organisations across the country every month at our coffee mornings to connect, share ideas and ask questions.

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We’re building the UK’s largest directory for gardens, homes and grounds, making it easier for visitors to find their next adventure.

Every garden and heritage attraction listed on Candide has a unique profile, complete with all the information you can think of, from types of memberships accepted, available facilities, type of buildings on site, to the variety of plants available throughout the seasons.

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Let Candide handle the marketing on your behalf while you focus on delivering a great experience on-site.

Our team of experts will help capture better photos for your Candide Listing, improve the description of your garden, and invest in paid advertising on various digital channels to help you get more bookings.

As a bonus, you can use the visual assets created for your own online and offline channels too.

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"Candide always has creative ideas on how to market all of their wonderful garden partners out there and truly understands the value of what we are all trying to accomplish."

Giada Canderle, Business Development Manager at Teasses Estate

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