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A picture of a Upright Prarie Coneflower

Upright Prarie Coneflower

Ratibida columnifera

Also known as

Drooping Coneflower, Mexican Hat Plant, Grey-Head Coneflower, Mexican-Hat, Longhead-Coneflower, Prairie Coneflower, Redspike Mexican Hat, Thimble-Flower, Mexican hat, Long-headed coneflower

Brown coneflower by SriMesh (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








1 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Upright Prarie Coneflower

Some yellow Ratibida columnifera flowers in a field of grass
A photo of Upright Prarie Coneflower

Upright Prarie Coneflower Overview

Ratibida columnifera is also known commonly as upright prairie coneflower. It is a perennial species in the daisy family, Asteraceae and it originates from North America. Foliage is narrowly divided, grey-green in colour and covered in hairs. Flowers are daisy-like and produced at the tips of vertical stems in a terminal arrangement. These are yellow in colour, with long ray-florets and a dense arrangement of central disc-florets in a cone shape. This species is well placed in dry garden spaces where other plants struggle.

How to propagate Upright Prarie Coneflower


Divide plants in spring.


Sow early spring.

Special features of Upright Prarie Coneflower

Attracts butterflies

Attracts bees

Attractive flowers

Other uses of Upright Prarie Coneflower

Naturaliser, wildflower/meadow, cutting bed


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