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A picture of a Traveller's Joy

Traveller's Joy

Clematis vitalba

Also known as

Old Man's Beard, Wild Clematis, Beggar's Plant, Bind-With, Biting Clematis, Devil's Twine, Hedge Vine, Evergreen Clematis, Old man's beard

Ranuncolaceae - Clematis vitalba by Hectonichus (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Traveller's Joy

A close up of a white Clematis vitalba flower
A close up of some white Clematis vitalba flowers
A close up of a green Clematis vitalba plant
A photo of Traveller's Joy
A photo of Traveller's Joy

Traveller's Joy Overview

Clematis vitalba is a climbing shrub species in the Ranunculaceae family of buttercups. Its also known by the names old man's bears and travellers joy. This species is deciduous and thus loses its green foliage in the autumn and regrows new leaves in the spring. It has branched, grooved stems and becomes woody with age. Leaves are oval in shape, with toothed edges. Foliage is divided into a pinnate arrangement comprised of between 3-5 oval leaflets, these are oppositely arranged on stems. This plant is a common UK sight, often seen scrambling over hedges. Flowers are white, with a slight yellow tinge, these are produced in clusters and the flowers have prominent, long stamens which extend beyond the 'petals'. Appears to have 4 petals, however these are in fact sepal structures which surround flower buds as a layer of protection. Flowers measure approximately 2cm across, appearing from July to September (UK). They develop into feathery seedheads, coloured white-grey and termed achenes. These are a form of simple, dry fruit containing 1 seed, the pod of which doesn't split to release the seed contents.

Common problems with Traveller's Joy

How to propagate Traveller's Joy


You can propagate the cultivars in the early summer by softwood or semi-ripe cuttings or layering.


Special features of Traveller's Joy

Attractive flowers

Attracts useful insects

Attracts bees

Other uses of Traveller's Joy

Climbing through trees, wildflower/meadow.

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