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A picture of a Katsura Tree

Katsura Tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Also known as

The Caramel Tree, Japanese Judas Tree, Candyfloss Tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum JPG01a by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (CC BY 2.5)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








50 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a strong fragrance

More images of Katsura Tree

A photo of Katsura Tree
A photo of Katsura Tree
A photo of Katsura Tree
A photo of Katsura Tree

Katsura Tree Overview

Ceridiphyllum japonicum is an elegant ornamental tree. Perfect for a large sheltered garden. The branches are delicate and are upswept which provide an appealing structure when bare in the winter. Grown for its heart-shaped foliage that is a reddish bronze colour when new and turns lovely yellows oranges and pinks during the autumn. Not only is the foliage beautiful during this time it also produces an aroma of burnt caramel that wafts through the garden. The best foliage colour is achieved on a more acidic soil. This is a dioecious species and so some trees are male and some are female, with the female flowers being slightly showier. The females also produce small banana-shaped pods during summer.

Common problems with Katsura Tree

Generally pest and disease free.

    How to harvest Katsura Tree

    Seed can be harvested from the female plants during the autumn. First, wait for the pods to turn from green to brown and then remove them from the tree and open the pods.

    How to propagate Katsura Tree


    The seeds need to be stratified before they will germinate. This can either be done by sowing the seed outside in mid/late autumn or by keeping the seeds in a sealed bag of vermiculite in the fridge over winter. If the seeds are in a bag, then they will need to be checked on regularly for fungi or germination. Once germinated, plant outside. These seeds take a long time to germinate and may not start until early spring.

    Special features of Katsura Tree

    Attractive leaves

    Autumn colour

    Other uses of Katsura Tree

    Specimen, ornamental, leaf colour, fragrance and flowers.


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