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Mountain Mallow

Anisodontia julii

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size







This plant has no fragrance

Mountain Mallow Overview

This indigenous shrub has lovely velvety maple-like leaves. It is easy to grow and attains its full height in just one growing season. It bears delicate pink to purple flowers all through summer and requires very little attention apart from water and light pruning in autumn to encourage thickening of the foliage.

Common problems with Mountain Mallow

Very resistant to pests and diseases

    How to harvest Mountain Mallow

    Not applicable

    How to propagate Mountain Mallow


    Grows from seed, but may not resemble the parent plant exactly as it hybridizes easily.


    Cuttings taken in spring root easily

    Special features of Mountain Mallow

    Attracts useful insects

    It is pollinated by bees and butterflies. The vein-like stripes on the flower cup direct the insects towards the pollen.

    Drought resistant

    Even though it originates in a summer rainfall region, it is fairly drought resistant.

    Hedge plant

    It makes a good hedge plant as it grows to its full height (around two meters) in one growing season, and will thicken out thereafter with light pruning.