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A picture of a Natal Lily

Natal Lily

Crinum moorei

Also known as

Moore's Crinum, Ngomi Lily, Inanda Lily

Photo by MyGardenGrows (All rights reserved)

Full Shade
Easy care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Natal Lily

A photo of Natal Lily
A photo of Natal Lily
A photo of Natal Lily
A photo of Natal Lily
A photo of Natal Lily

Natal Lily Overview

This easy growing bulb species produces an exceptionally large bulb which helps it adapt to its surrounding area as it stores precious nutrients and food during the growing period for the following season. It is also quite a unique bulb as it is a species that grows under a dense canopy. The large open flowers attract sunbirds to the garden that feeds off of their nectar.

Common problems with Natal Lily

Aphids can become a problem. A good blast of warm (not hot) water should remove them. Try neem oil if the other method doesn't work or try using an insecticidal soap. The South American Amaryllis moth caterpillar has been found to attack the leaves. Spraying regularly with a pyrethrum-based insecticide. The bulbs are sometimes damaged by herbivorous mole rats.

How to harvest Natal Lily

Harvest flower stalks for flower arrangements in the autumn, soon after they have reached maximum height. Harvest seeds after seeds have reached a size of 1-1.5 cm in diameter and turned green in colour. Sow them as soon as possible as seeds do not keep well.

How to propagate Natal Lily


Sow seeds immediately after they have been harvested. Remove the fleshy seed coat and sow in a deep propagation tray with sandy soil to a depth of 1-2 cm and space them 10-20 cm apart.


Divide the smaller offsets from the bulb and replant. Do not divide large clumps and remove the offsets unnecessary, as it tends to struggle and take a long time to come back to full health.


Seeds, bulbs or sets, division. Bulbs should be planted with the neck of the bulb above ground level.

Special features of Natal Lily

Attracts birds

Sunbirds are attracted by the nectar that is produced by the flowers.

Wet sites

It prefers to be planted in soil that is kept moist almost the entire year, except during winter.

Pot plant

Suits well in large pots or containers that are placed in filtered light.

Attractive flowers

Other uses of Natal Lily

Grown for their often fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers.


Used by indigenous healers to treat urinary tract infections. The bulbs are used to purify the blood, treat infected wounds and acne.


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