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A picture of a Rosewood


Dalbergia spp.

Also known as

Indian Rosewood

Dalbergia melanoxylon by Malcolm Manners (CC BY 2.0)

More images of Rosewood

A photo of Rosewood
A photo of Rosewood
A photo of Rosewood
A photo of Rosewood

Rosewood Overview

Genus with around 287 species of climbing tree or woody vine. Some species possess branches modified into spines or aids to help climbing. This genus lies in the Fabaceae (Fabaceae) family of legumes, peas and beans. Foliage is in an odd-pinnate arrangement, where stems have two opposite rows of leaflets, with one unpaired leaflet at the tip. These leaflets are oval or egg-shaped, in some species they terminate in a small tip, in others they are rounded. Flowers are small and white, yellow or yellow-cream coloured, in some species they are fragrant and these are produced in clusters on panicle or cyme arrangements. Species in this genus are important timber trees, popular for their valuable, decorative and often fragrant wood, this contains high quantities of aromatic oils. This genus is known colloquially as rosewoods after their strong, sweet scent.


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