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A picture of a Ice Plant

Ice Plant

Delosperma spp.

Also known as


Delosperma sutherlandii 3 by (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun

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    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter

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    A photo of Ice Plant
    A photo of Ice Plant

    Ice Plant Overview

    Delosperma is a genus of around 100 branching, trailing, perennial succulents, characterised by their seed capsules which open in response to rain, exposing the seed contents. Leaves are usually cylindrical but sometimes flattened in shape and tend to be grooved or possess modified bladder cells that store water, sometimes extended into hairs. Flowers have a huge range of colours due to extensive cultivation. This genus is commonly referred to as ice plants and is a popular houseplant, easy to care for due to its low water requirements.

    Common problems with Ice Plant

    How to propagate Ice Plant


    You can propagate by seeds or stem cuttings in the spring or summer.


    Special features of Ice Plant

    Attractive leaves

    Attractive flowers


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