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A picture of a Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Ipomoea spp.

Trichterwinde (Ipomoea purpurea) Reihe 4 047 by Motmel (CC0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size





  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Morning Glory

A photo of Morning Glory
A photo of Morning Glory
A photo of Morning Glory
A photo of Morning Glory
A photo of Morning Glory

Morning Glory Overview

Ipomoea is a large genus containing around 450 species. These plants are twining annual and perennials or evergreen shrubs and trees in the Convolvulaceae family, native to tropical and subtropical zones worldwide. Some are cultivated as ornamentals for their showy open trumpet-shaped or tubular-shaped flowers, for example, Morning Glories, Spanish Flag, and other species are important food crops, such as the Sweet Potato and Water Spinach.

Common problems with Morning Glory

How to propagate Morning Glory


Propagation is by seeds in the spring.


Softwood or semi-ripe cuttings in the summer.

Special features of Morning Glory

Attractive flowers

Other uses of Morning Glory

Suitable for coastal conditions.


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