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A picture of a Rock Cress

Rock Cress

Arabis spp.

Also known as

Rockcress, Wall cress

Arabis scopoliana 02 by Michael Wolf (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size





  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has a mild fragrance

More images of Rock Cress

A photo of Rock Cress
A photo of Rock Cress
A photo of Rock Cress
A photo of Rock Cress
A photo of Rock Cress

Rock Cress Overview

Arabis is a genus containing around 101 species of evergreen, annual or perennial herbaceous plants. They have small, white flowers with 4 petals and grow between 10-80cm tall. These plants are commonly called Rock Cress or Rockcress. Leaves are normally very hairy and range from simple to lobed in shape, averaging 1-6cm in length. Some species are cultivated as ornamental garden plants, whilst others are considered to be weeds.

How to propagate Rock Cress


Propagate by softwood cuttings in summer.


Seed in autumn.

Other uses of Rock Cress

Excellent ground cover in a rock garden.

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