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Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'

Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon 'Sugar Lace II'

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size







  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii' Overview

This cultivar of the snap pea has a climbing habit (up to 1.4m high) whose fruit can be ready in 68 days. This variety has some degree of powdery mildew resistance and less likelihood of developing mold due to it being semi leafless allowing good air movement through the canopy. The edible green pods can be between 4 to 8 cm long with between 3 to 8 peas. Snap peas have a high Vit. A, K and fibre content.

Common problems with Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'

Mexican Bean Beetles, and Seedcorn maggot Seed decay, seedling root rot, wilt.

Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii' Companion Plants

How to harvest Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'

Keep your peas well picked to encourage more pods to develop. Pick peas in the morning after the dew has dried. They are crispiest then. Always use two hands when you pick peas. Secure the vine with one hand and pull the peas off with your other hand.

How to propagate Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'


Sow in Spring. Emerges after 9-13 days

Special features of Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'

Crop rotation

Peas are a legume and so enrich the soil with Nitrogen.

Other uses of Sugar Snap Pea 'Sugar Lace Ii'


The peas are edible and are used in a variety of cuisines.


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