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A picture of a Bijlia


Bijlia spp.

Hereroa tugwelliae by scott.zona (CC BY 2.0)


More images of Bijlia

A photo of Bijlia
A photo of Bijlia
A photo of Bijlia

Bijlia Overview

Small genus with only 3 dwarf perennials with fleshy, boat-shaped, swollen, unequal leaves which tend to branch only 2 or 3 times. Usually the leaf side nearest to the centre of the rosette is flattened, with the opposite (outer) surface having an inflated, unequally rounded appearance. These are coloured light green to yellow-green and under direct sun may take on red hues. Flowers are produced in clusters of 1-3 and they are photosensitive, opening in response to the midday sun and closing at night. Petals are wedge-shaped and yellow or orange. These species are restricted in their distribution to the Western Cape of Southern Africa.


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