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A picture of a Mysore Ceropegia

Mysore Ceropegia

Ceropegia elegans

Ceropegia elegans by Vinayaraj (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Partial Shade
Light watering

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  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Mysore Ceropegia

A green Ceropegia elegans plant with flowers
A close up of a Ceropegia elegans flower
A close up of a Ceropegia elegans flower

Mysore Ceropegia Overview

Ceropegia elegans is an interesting twining species in the Apocynaceae family. It is found naturally in India, Sri Lanka and from Bangladesh to Myanmar and sometimes known by the name Mysore Ceropegia. Leaves measure approximately 3.5cm, on stems around 1.5cm long, they are oval to lance-shaped with pointed tips and slightly heart-shaped bases. Flowers are bulbous at the base, inflated like parachutes, then forming a tubular shape, measuring around 1.8cm long, this curves and widens towards the flower mouth, with the bloom opening into an interesting lobed structure. These flowers appear in the summer, they are white-green in colour and covered in red-purple markings.

How to propagate Mysore Ceropegia


Special features of Mysore Ceropegia

Attractive flowers


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