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Horatio's Garden - Stoke Mandeville

  • 3.4

  • from 318 Google reviews

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The new garden has secluded areas for patients to be on their own or with visitors, a rill and water feature. The highly perennial, sensory planting designed by Joe Swift, has created fabulous swathes of colour for all year round, whilst evergreens will give winter structure. The planting is bird and butterfly friendly.

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Buckinghamshire, HP21 8AL

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Horatio's Garden - Stoke Mandeville
HP21 8AL
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Google reviews

  • 3.4

  • from 318 Google reviews

Krissy X

4 months ago


Firstly paediatric A&E play area was covered in blood as were some of the seats & I was shocked to see it is only cleaned once a day. Was sent home after 3-4hr wait, so had to go back to my GP who then gave a prescription for my daughter which is now working and she’s able to sleep through the night without gasping for breath for the first time in over 3 weeks! A&E is clearly understaffed but I guess that is to be expected these days! It would be helpful if there was an out of hours GP practice instead of having to attend A&E.

Chris Woolley

3 months ago


I was bought in by ambulance with a head injury. I was disgusted when I was put in the waiting room. It was 3 hours before I saw the triage nurse, and an extra 2 hours before being seen by a Doctor who kindly put me one of the assessment rooms so I could rest my head because I felt like My head was in a Spin Dryer. He took some blood, then went to arrange a CT Scan. He came back and said he also requested an ECG. The nurse who did my ECG, kept asking me to wear a mask even though I told her that I was MEDICALLY EXEMPT! This day was like a day from hell. The A&E staff are extremely rude except for the Doctor who saw me and sorted things out for me.

Anthony Puma

4 months ago


It’s such a pity to providing negative feedback as I appreciate the NHS care. Unfortunately Stoke is truly shocking. Have returned post op with an infection that’s given me high fever and shivers. So far been waiting 7.5 hours and In which time have had one blood test and a chest scan. I’ve spoken to the doctor once about 3 hours ago. I would understand being short staffed but when I came originally for my op, there were floods of staff. As a Friday I can only guess the hospital being extremely unlucky with sickness or someone who does the time off rota has really messed up. I would say definitely avoid a&e here but not sure if this is just the state of our NHS. Such a shame. Updated 3 days later…. So after being discharged 3 days ago with antibiotics, I’ve reluctantly returned due to concerns of continuing fever and abdominal pains again. As I tested positive with covid on my last visit (tested 10 hours after arrival) I’ve been put in side room since 10.30 and now gone 4pm. Have had 1 blood test and spoken to a&e doctor who keeps banging on about covid and hadn’t realised I was supposed to be seeing surgical team in the first place. Despite high blood markers keeps referring to covid but when challenged can’t be certain and was going to refer me for chest X-ray despite my chest sounding fine!! Im shortly going to be discharging myself…

Sue Duffy

in the last week


Very bad experience, doctors in colourful uniforms flaying by without any significant destinations. We are here since 10:30 and now it’s almost 9:00. Literally every one that was here is still sitting in the same chairs. All we had is (who wants some pain relief??) My husband had a heart attack but they can’t see to him as they don’t have any cardiac doctor and they are trying with high Wycombe but still no answer. Look after your selves Aylesbury people, you have no medical care whatsoever

Brook ers

3 months ago


Awful Miscarriage treatment After speaking with my GP the earliest they could get me in to EPU was Monday after discovering I was bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant 2 days later I started showing signs of hypovolemic shock so went back to A&E 7 hours of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. Bloods and urine taken and back to the waiting room Nurse came out to administer liquid antibiotics, I asked if there was an infection she couldn't answer she just provides the medicine, assessed by a doctor for stomach pain and she gets a scan booked with EPU for Sunday. No bloodwork results provided or level or hormones discussed no urine results told to go back to waiting room. Was then tested for covid so wasn't sure if I was being admitted, I started to then pass clots which we informed the reception at this point. I've still not been treated for shock no iv fluids given. I self discharged at 2am against doctors advice as shes still waiting for covid results three hours after it was done, tracked down the nurse who did the swab and she confirmed the results came back hours ago. I was in so much pain constantly sitting down and not having any energy to stand to walk around and try and ease the cramping. I thought our ordeal might end here but at EPU the next day we were told our scan size puts us at 6 weeks which is to early to see anything and to come back in 10 days to be rescanned, told to head to ward 15 for a discussion with the doctor and upon sitting down with them the 1st thing he said was I'm so sorry about your baby.. my other half looked confused and said wait sorry does that mean it's not survived and its a confirmed miscarriage as we didn't get told anything to reflect this a few minutes ago! There advice go home and wait to pass, no mention of a D&C he was then paged and left and said the room is yours to take some time.. about 1 minute later a cleaner walks in to both of us in tears.. How many more bad reviews does stoke manderville need to get before it is investigated for poor care of patients.. I feel so let down by the lack care during an already difficult experience

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