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Green Tiger Beetle

Cicindela campestris

Green Tiger Beetle, Tiger Beetle

A close up photograph of a green tiger beetle on the ground Cicindela campestris

Cicindela campestris (Cicindelidae) (9727243355)

by gbohne. CC BY-SA 2.0

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The Green Tiger Beetle is a beautiful, dazzling and sparkly garden mini-beast. Although attractive, a small caterpillar or spider would not want to cross paths with this agile predator. It's one of the fastest European beetles, where the adults pursue their prey by chasing it until they can latch on with their strong jaws. The larvae, however, have opted for a 'sit and wait' strategy. They wait patiently within burrows for a naive insect to pass by. In the UK, these beetles are attracted to heaths, grasslands and sand dunes. Specifically habitats which possess sandy, loamy soil.
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These beetles provide the best pest control in the garden.
More common in gardens near the coast.


Adult: For a ferocious predator, these beetles are small, measuring only 1.0-1.5cm. They are an iridescent green, so they sparkle when the sunlight shines on them. The elytra (wing cases) are emerald green with creamy-white dots. The legs are a dazzling purple-bronze. Larvae: The larvae spend their lives in small burrows within sandy, loam soil, so are seldom seen. They possess large, darkened and heavy-armoured heads with largely modified mouthparts for clamping prey. The rest of the body is cream coloured and segmented. Eggs: Currently unavailable.











Southern parts of the UK and Europe.

Biological treatment

It's not advised to remove these insects from the environment due to the range of benefits they provide to the wider ecosystem.


They're a top predator of many garden pests.
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