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Garden Spider

Araneus diadematus

Garden Spider, European Garden Spider , Diadem Spider , Orangie , Cross Spider , Crowned Orb Weaver , Pumpkin Spider , Common Orb Web Spider

A close up photograph of a common garden spider Araneus diadematus

Araneus diadematus-commons

by Bruce Marlin. CC BY-SA 3.0

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Garden Spiders are a frequent sight during summer and autumn. Find their webs strung across garden paths, gates and washing lines - hence, the name garden spider! They're orb weavers, which means these spiders build the web using spirals of silk with radial threads adjoining them. They can be variable in appearance, although all possess a white cross on the abdomen. These spiders become active from June through to November.
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Spiders help to control flies, wasps, beetles and other annoying garden pests!


Adults: They're average-sized. As large as 1.5cm in diameter. These spiders can be black, whereas others a deep fox-red. There are normally variable splodges and spots on the abdomen, however, all spiders tend to possess a white cross-shaped mark on the abdomen. Tip: See these spiders webs draped across garden shrubs, gates and doorways. This behaviour is most prevalent during autumn (September-November). They'll construct their webs almost anywhere!











Europe and Asia, reaching as far as Japan. Present in parts of North America.

Biological treatment

If you have spiders in the garden, it's best to leave them to their business. A spiders web is just as effective as a sticky trap you'd use for plants. Orb weavers don't tend to be picky, so they'll eat anything that lands on the web. Spiders provide some of the best pest control and it's all free of cost!



Mentha × piperita

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