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Rabbit Hutch Spider

Steatoda bipunctata

Rabbit Hutch Spider

A close up photograph of a male Steatoda bipunctata Rabbit Hutch Spider

Adult male Steatoda bipunctata

by Mandy Howe. CC BY-SA 3.0

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Steatoda bipunctata is a species of cob-web spider (family: Theridiidae). Many species of spider use venom to stun their prey. These spiders, in particular, are one of the smaller Steatodas, so it's unlikely their bites can penetrate our skin. They're called Rabbit Hutch Spiders because they seem to favour outdoor, sheltered habitats, like rabbit hutches. They're frequent to gardens, sheds, garages and homes.
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Help control flies, wasps, beetles and other garden and household pests.
They may enter houses for warmth and shelter.


Adults: They're small spiders, the females will grow no larger than half a centimetre (0.2 inches). These spiders possess shiny brown abdomens. The females lack any markings. However, the males sometimes possess a white vertical stripe down the middle of the abdomen. Webs: The webs look like a messy, tangled web and are found in corners. It's non-sticky but incredibly strong. Sometimes they incorporate a web-constructed tube which they use for coverage. Their webs can look similar to house spiders.









The UK and Europe; the USA, South America

Biological treatment

If you have spiders in the garden or home, they should be tolerated if possible. A spiders web acts just like an insect trap. Spiders provide some of the best pest control, and it's all free of cost! If you have a phobia of spiders, it's believed they dislike the peppermint essential oil. The oil can be diluted with water and sprayed near doors and windows. Spiders don't like the smell and will try to avoid it.


Flies, caterpillars, beetles, wasps, and other insect pests.



Mentha × piperita

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