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False Widow Spider

Steatoda grossa

False Widow Spider, False Black Widow Spider, Cupboard Spider, Dark Comb-Footed Spider

A close up photograph of a female Steadtoda grossa false widow spider against a white background

Steatoda grossa female

by Dariusz Kowalczyk. CC BY-SA 4.0

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The False Widow Spider (Steatoda grossa) is often mistaken for the Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus mactans). The False Widow Spider is native to Europe. It has white abdominal markings and is roughly 1cm fully grown. They're often described as dangerous by the media, however, being bitten by one is unlikely. A spider bite is like wasps sting, they both cause the same symptoms and are seldom serious. But you're more likely to be stung by a wasp.
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Spiders help to control flies, wasps, beetles and other pest species.


Adults: Female spiders are often bigger than males, reaching as large as 1 cm. Females often possess an enlarged, shiny brown-black abdomen. The males are smaller, displaying some variable cream abdominal markings. Webs: The webs look like a messy, tangled web and tend to be focused in corners. It's non-sticky but incredibly strong. Sometimes they incorporate a web-constructed tube which they use for coverage. Their webs can be very alike to house spiders.









The UK, Europe and parts of the USA

Biological treatment

If you have spiders in the garden or home, it's best to leave them if possible. A spiders web acts just like an insect trap. Spiders provide some of the best pest control, and it's all free of cost! If you feel uncomfortable, it's thought spiders dislike peppermint essential oil. The oil can be diluted with water and sprayed near doors and windows. Spiders don't like the smell and will try to avoid it.



Mentha × piperita

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