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Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Cucumber Mosaic Cucumovirus

Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Cucumber Mosaic Virus is one of the most widespread viruses that affect garden plants. The name Cucumber Mosaic Virus implies that it only affects the members of the Cucumber family but it actually means that it was first noticed on the Cucumber. The virus actually affects a wide range of host plants from a multitude of families and presents itself in many different ways depending on the species.
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In Cucurbit hosts, the virus presents itself through small yellow flecks and spots on the leaves producing a mosaic-like pattern; Usually, the young leaves first and spreading down the plant. In Non-Cucurbit hosts, can cause an array of symptoms including, stunting, necrosis, leaf deformation, flower break, leaf mottling, and mosaic leaf.

Growth factors

Cool and low light levels can encourage the presentation of the virus


Yellow flecks and Spots on a cucurbit and non-cucurbit leaves
Necrosis in non-cucurbits
Mottling and deformation of leaves in non-cucurbits
Dwarfed inflorescence in non-cucurbits
Prolific flowering of deformed flowers in non-cucurbits
Vein clearing in leaves of non-cucurbits

Biological treatment

There are not biological treatments for this virus

Chemical treatment

there are no chemical treatments for this virus


Having good pest management, especially in the control of piercing and sucking insects like Aphids. Buying seed and graft material from retailers that are certified virus-free.

Affected plants


Cucumis sativus

A red flower with green leaves on a Anemone coronaria plant

Garden Anemone

Anemone coronaria


Aquilegia vulgaris

Begonia 'Ikon Bronze'

Begonia 'F1 Ikon Bronze'

A close up of a flowering Buddleja davidii plant with green leaves and purple blooms

Butterfly Bush

Buddleja davidii

A celery


Apium graveolens var. dulce

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