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Seedball - Hedgehog Mix

Sow seeds March-May or mid August-mid November. Flowers between mid-April to mid-September.

A photo of Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot

Daucus carota

A photo of Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle

Rhinanthus minor

A photo of Bird's Foot Trefoil

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Lotus corniculatus

A photo of Common Tufted Vetch

Common Tufted Vetch

Vicia cracca

A photo of Self-Heal


Prunella vulgaris

A photo of Common Poppy

Common Poppy

Papaver rhoeas

A photo of Red Clover

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

A photo of Chamomile


Chamaemelum nobile

A photo of Cornflower


Centaurea cyanus

Corn marigold

Glebionis segetum

A photo of Night-flowering catchfly

Night-flowering catchfly

Silene noctiflora


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