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Autumn Blooms for Pollinators - Top 20

A choice of the best autumn flowering plants for pollinators.

A photo of Autumn Ox-Eye

Autumn Ox-Eye

Leucanthemella serotina

A photo of Baneberry 'Brunette'

Baneberry 'Brunette'

Actaea simplex (Atropurpurea Group) 'Brunette'

A photo of Carmichael's Monk'S Hood

Carmichael's Monk'S Hood

Aconitum carmichaelii

A photo of Japanese Anemones

Japanese Anemones

Anemone hupehensis

A photo of Chrysanth


Chrysanthemum spp.

A photo of Naked Ladies

Naked Ladies

Colchicum spp.

A photo of Common Ivy

Common Ivy

Hedera helix

A photo of Dahlia


Dahlia spp.

A photo of Ebbinge's Silverberry

Ebbinge's Silverberry

Elaeagnus × submacrophylla

A photo of False Castor Oil Plant

False Castor Oil Plant

Fatsia japonica

A photo of Hardy Blue-Flowered Leadwort

Hardy Blue-Flowered Leadwort

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

A photo of Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Anemone x hybrida

A photo of Kilarney Strawberry Tree

Kilarney Strawberry Tree

Arbutus unedo

A photo of Large Autumn Crocus

Large Autumn Crocus

Crocus speciosus

A photo of Mexican Bush Sage

Mexican Bush Sage

Salvia leucantha

A photo of Sunflower 'Lemon Queen'

Sunflower 'Lemon Queen'

Helianthus 'Lemon Queen'

A photo of Asters


Symphyotrichum spp.

A photo of Tansy-Leaf Aster

Tansy-Leaf Aster

Machaeranthera tanacetifolia

A photo of Trailing Bellflower

Trailing Bellflower

Campanula poscharskyana

Tube Clematis

Clematis heracleifolia