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Container Gardening

A photo of Bay


Laurus nobilis

A photo of Benjamin Fig

Benjamin Fig

Ficus benjamina

A photo of Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow


Brunfelsia spp.

A photo of Camellia


Camellia spp.

A photo of Cypress


Chamaecyparis spp.

A photo of Chinese Rice-Paper Plant

Chinese Rice-Paper Plant

Tetrapanax papyrifer

A photo of Kangaroo Vine

Kangaroo Vine

Cissus spp.

A photo of Clustering Fishtail Palm

Clustering Fishtail Palm

Caryota mitis

A photo of Cabbage Palm

Cabbage Palm

Cordyline spp.

A photo of Cornstalk Dracaena

Cornstalk Dracaena

Dracaena fragrans

A photo of Cycad


Encephalartos spp.

A photo of European Fan Palm

European Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis

A photo of False Castor Oil Plant

False Castor Oil Plant

Fatsia japonica

A photo of Cape Jasmine

Cape Jasmine

Gardenia spp.

A photo of Hiba


Thujopsis dolabrata

A photo of Ivy


Hedera spp.

A photo of Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum

A photo of Jelly Palm

Jelly Palm

Butia capitata

A photo of Juniper Tree

Juniper Tree

Juniperus spp.

A photo of Fan palm

Fan palm

Livistona spp.

A photo of Murraya


Murraya spp.

A photo of Myrtle


Myrtus spp.

A photo of Holly Olive

Holly Olive

Osmanthus spp.

A photo of Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm

Chamaedorea elegans

A photo of Tender Geranium

Tender Geranium

Pelargonium spp.

A photo of Date Palms

Date Palms

Phoenix spp.

A photo of Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

A photo of Queen Palm

Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana

A photo of Rose Grape

Rose Grape

Medinilla magnifica

A photo of Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Ficus elastica

A photo of Sacred Bamboo

Sacred Bamboo

Nandina domestica

A photo of Schefflera


Schefflera spp.

A photo of Sentry Palm

Sentry Palm

Howea spp.

A photo of Shining Mandevilla

Shining Mandevilla

Mandevilla splendens

A photo of Shrimp Plant

Shrimp Plant

Justicia brandegeeana

A photo of Spotted Laurel

Spotted Laurel

Aucuba japonica

A photo of Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

Platycerium spp.

A photo of Marmalade bush

Marmalade bush

Streptosolen jamesonii

A photo of Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera deliciosa

A photo of Cedar Trees

Cedar Trees

Thuja spp.

A photo of Wax Flower

Wax Flower

Hoya spp.

A photo of Yellow Autumn Crocus

Yellow Autumn Crocus

Sternbergia lutea


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