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Trees to Propagate by Root Cuttings

Winter tree roots are packed full of carbs, giving cuttings the best chance to get established.

A photo of Tree Of Heaven

Tree Of Heaven

Ailanthus altissima

A photo of Bean Trees

Bean Trees

Catalpa spp.

A photo of Mimosa


Acacia spp.

A photo of Cladrastis


Cladrastis spp.

A photo of Eleutherococcus


Eleutherococcus spp.

A photo of Embothrium


Embothrium spp.

A photo of Soap tree

Soap tree

Gymnocladus spp.

A photo of Osage orange

Osage orange

Maclura spp.

A photo of China tree

China tree

Koelreuteria spp.

A photo of Foxglove Trees

Foxglove Trees

Paulownia spp.

A photo of Phellodendron


Phellodendron spp.

A photo of Hop tree

Hop tree

Ptelea spp.

A photo of Wingnut


Pterocarya spp.

A photo of Trumpetbush


Tecoma spp.

A photo of Redcedar


Toona spp.


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