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Plants to Bonsai - Beginners Top 10

Love the look of bonsai and fancy trying yourself? We recommend starting with these plants.

How to Care For a Bonsai Tree

How to Care For a Bonsai Tree

A photo of Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum

A photo of Ficus Ginseng

Ficus Ginseng

Ficus microcarpa

A photo of Baobab


Adansonia digitata

A photo of Common Beech

Common Beech

Fagus sylvatica

A photo of Box


Buxus spp.

A photo of Pomegranate


Punica granatum

A photo of Bo tree

Bo tree

Ficus religiosa

A photo of Herringbone Cotoneaster

Herringbone Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster horizontalis

A photo of Benjamin Fig

Benjamin Fig

Ficus benjamina

A photo of Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Crassula ovata